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FINALLY - A rub for weenies - THE NEGLECTED MEAT

Great for Sausage and Chorizo Too! YUM


Dress your Cerveza Too! YUM

The Dog is Coming Home! Warm Buns, Tomato, Onion, Pickles

Making The Weenie All Better

1. Score Your Weenie, then Sprinkle 'n Rub' Weenie Rub

2. Grill it, Bake it, or Pan Cook it

3. Warm up Your Buns - You knew that.

4. Place Your Weenie on the bun, and ADD:

5. Mustard, Cheese, Onions, and

   Avocado if you are one of THOSE pendejos :)

6. For Tingling Lips, use Dos Pendejos Chilito

7. For that "You got a grill?", use Dos Pendejos Smokin'

Dos Pendejos has done it AGAIN!

Flavors To Make You Drool

Poco Loco adds crazy good flavor and finish to your BBQ brisket. It's the top favorite today.

Chilito now has a spicy chipotle lemon, and we use it on pork rinds and chips, but also instead of salt on chicken and burgers.

Cluckin' Red has paprika and mesquite and is fantastic for chicken; to make pollo asado like it should be. Get that red crispy chicken with the right flavors so the chicken is both great and has the good texture.

Mariachi Rub is a cilantro lime seasoning that is unique. Put it on your margarita rim, add it to seafood like shrimp or fish, and of course every good pendejo puts cilantro and lime in their guacamole.

Mooey Texas is a paprika turmeric seasoning for beef and pork. Used on ribs, brisket, and tenderloin.

Add them to your cooking arsenal!

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Or ask your meat market
"Got Dos Pendejos?"
Burnin' Weenie RubTM
Hot & Spicy Weenie Rub

Coming Soon!
Dos Pendejos Poco LocoTM
Crazy Good for BBQ
$12.95 Poco Loco

Dos Pendejos Smokin'TM
Mesquite Smoke
$12.95 Smokin Weenie Rub

Dos Pendejos ChilitoTM
Chipotle Lemon
$12.95 Chilito Weenie Rub

Dos Pendejos Mariachi RubTM
Cilantro Lime
$12.95 Mariachi Rub

Dos Pendejos Mooey TexasTM
Paprika Turmeric
Limited stock. Contact us to order.
$12.95 Mooey Texas

Dos Pendejos Mooey CalienteTM
Spicy Awesome Mooey
$12.95 Mooey Caliente

Dos Pendejos Cluckin' RedTM
Paprika Mesquite
$12.95 Cluckin' Red

Dos Pendejos Cluckin' HotTM
Spicy Awesome Cluckin' Red
$12.95 Cluckin' Hot

Dos Pendejos Mas SexyTM
Beverage Dressing & More
$12.95 Mas Sexy

Dos Pendejos Original Weenie RubTM
Limited Availability
$12.95 Original Weenie Rub

Limited Availability

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Cluckin' Red for Pollo Asado











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